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(Possible) bedbug Bite reactions?

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    I stayed in a hotel two nights ago. Did the initial inspection that we always do at a hotel. Checked the bed, surrounding area, chair etc. Found nothing except for a lot of dust. It was a newly renovated room. Woke up at 4 itching a bite on the back of my leg. Eventually went back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later and noticed one on my ankle as well. This one was a smaller bite and not itchy while the one behind my knee was really raised and red and itchy. Went to take a shower and noticed two more really red and raised on my left hip and one on my right hip. Now is where I began to freak out as I know these weren't from the day before when I wore leggings all day. I texted my husband who had made the reservation for me and double checked he checked the right hotel on the bedbug registry (we won't stay anywhere that even has one report). He sent me a screen cap that said no reports but I noticed below that the same hotel but with a hyphen and it has 5 reports. Last one 2013.

    I went to the Dr who said I was for sure bite by something, what he couldn't say especially since a good search had been done. I even looked on the white bedding after the bites and saw nothing. He prescribed a steroid based on the really red raised ones. I promptly notified the hotel, washed and dried the clothes that had been worn in the room including the one, and left. I left my personal pillow I had been sleeping with and a cloth bag I had brought in. The suitcases that had been in the room I put directly in the back of the covered truck. I went to the store and replaced my daughter's suitcase with a new hard plastic one and out the freshly laundered clothes directly in it. I also bought DE and spread it all in the bed of the truck in case anything was on the bags. Those bags have been on the back of the covered truck since when the temp has gotten up to 82.

    I went to a laundromat and dried on high heat for 28 mins the clothes i had washed and dried at the hotel, all of my daughter's clothes (her bag had been on the floor and open), her bookbag, and the other cloth bag that had been in the room. Went to a new hotel and brought none of the bags in, just the clothes that had been freshly dried. I noticed right away another bite on my right hip. Went to bed that night and the next morning noticed a small bite on my left thigh. I thought it was possible I overlooked it the day before since it was small and not itchy. I woke up this morning and have two bites in my public area like the really red raised ones and itchy. Imagine a straight line from hip to hip and you will understand where these are. Now I know for a fact these did not happen last night. Last night I slept with underwear on underneath my boxers, the two previous nights it was my boxers (so this skin was partially exposed).

    In the mean time the hotel got back to me and said a pest company came and found no bug activities at all in the room they even sent me the report. After now having what amounts to 10 or so bites I think it has to be bed bugs.

    So after a novel (so sorry as this whole situation is adding huge stress on to an already stressful move) my questions are: bedbug bites or no? And is it possible I'm reacting to only one night of bites but some are showing up later? I'm praying the answer is yes and not that the new room (no reports, only open a few months, white encasements that show nothing) has something or I brought some in from the other place.

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