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Possible 1st BB

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Apr 28 2017 15:37:37

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    Last week, I found a dead adult BB on my foot after taking my shoes off in room in my apartment. I didn't even think and immediately flushed it in the toilet. I had stayed at a friend's place (that wasn't very clean had a cat, roaches and definitely needed a new mattress...I know BB can even be in clean places) the night before so figured I may have picked it up from there. For some reason before I went to sleep when coming back I felt like I had to shower so I had laid in bed with no clothes on for not even 5 minutes and showered. Once I found the dead BB the next day, I threw the clothes I wore with the same shoes the night before in the tub and ran them under hot water. I flipped my mattress and checked everything but had no signs. A couple of days later I decided to shake my clothes out in the tub and another adult dead bug fell out of my pants. I may have seen nymphs/instars but they were so tiny it was hard to tell. I kept this one and called Terminix the next day. They were supposed to come that day(saturday) but never showed so said they'd be there Monday. Inspector shows up Monday and I give him my shpeal. I showed him the sample and he confirms but cannot find any other signs of BB in my room (he only inspected my room not my roommates or downstairs that has no furniture). He checked my mattress, windows, baseboards, walls, I request he look in the closet and nothing. He did say just because he saw no signs doesn't mean they weren't there, understandable. I even showed him yellow crusties i found in an stuffed orca whale that had a hole in its fin and he dismissed it saying it could be something else like a spider. His inspection took maybe 20-30 minutes at best and he recommend that we monitor and if we continued to get bites or found another bug in the next couple of weeks to do heat treatment. He said they could be old or moved in from an adjoining unit. What I'm concerned about is that after he examined the place I cleaned and threw away my sample without even thinking. We didn't go through our landlord (it was a free consult) and thought about telling them anyway, but without evidence what would getting another inspection from a different PCO do if there's no evidence? I'm not sure how comfortable I am waiting for the problem to get bigger if there is one. I even enquired about traps or anything he could give us and he said that it wouldn't do much, but I felt like even putting them to track would do something?

    I'm just coming back from somewhat dealing with carpet beatles in the last couple of months from my old place (moved in with this friend who lived here with someone else for 2 years in Dec) and now possibly having BB is making me anxious again. I know there's not much I could do but still...verbalizing in a way helps. I don't want to feel like I can't go see or stay the night at friends and it's upsetting that I can't entertain guests. Any advice is appreciated

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