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Poor college student reinfested. Please help!

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  1. glitchykitty

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Oct 15 2014 22:40:06

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    So a bit of background info:
    I got bed bugs for the first time a year ago. Absolutely no idea how I got them. Once I figured out what these strange bites were, I informed my roommates and our landlord. The landlord made us pay $300 for Home Paramount (a local company) to spray some sort of insecticide twice, but I could call them back as many times as I needed in a three month period.

    I ended up calling them back nearly every two weeks until my time ran out. The bugs decreased but never fully went away. I followed all their procedures too... decluttered, vacuumed, put all my heat-treated clothes in bags... all the standard stuff.

    So after this failed treatment, I took things into my own hands. I purchased two mattress covers (one for my mattress, the other for my boxspring). I didn't have a headboard or frame to worry about. I covered the sides of my bed in diatomaceous earth and didn't get bitten for three months.

    Then I moved.

    Two months at the new place and everything was fine. I was so happy to have all my clothes in drawers, posters on my walls... I felt free.

    Then last Monday, I woke up and I had forteen bites on my legs.

    I'm so upset. I'm beyond upset. This is such a terrible problem and I don't know how I'm going to tell my roommates that I have bed bugs AGAIN. I feel so gross... and this time, I feel it's really my fault. I threw away my bed and dresser when I moved but kept my desk and chair... I knew I shoulda thrown them out but hey, I'm poor.

    So... since diatomaceous earth worked so well, I want to employ that plan here too. Basically, my plan is to use myself as bait and have the bugs crawl through the DE to get to me, ultimately walking to their deaths. I don't mind doing this for an entire year. I can't hire another exterminator to come out, only to have them not work again.

    Here's what I want to do:
    -Cover my futon in a mattress protector
    -Cover the sides in diatomaceous earth
    -Put double-sided tape all around the edges of my futon frame

    I want to get the climbup interceptors for my bed, but they seem costly for four small pieces of plastic. Could I get similar results by placing diatomaceous earth inside cups, and sticking those cups under my futon legs?

    My questions:

    Since this infestation is very recent, do you think I can catch it early?
    Do I really need to bag all my clothes again?
    Is my plan stupid/has holes?
    Are there any other inexpensive things a poor college student like me can do?

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