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PLZ! Advice on cleaning and packaging!

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  1. dyingforpackaging

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue May 9 2017 3:05:03

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    It is almost 4 am right now but I am still awake because of bed bugs. Here is my story and I really hope I can get some advice.

    My roommate got bed bug bites last week and our renting company decided to treat her room only. She washed, and dried her clothes and packaged them in trash bags and in the storage bins. The treatment was done and I am not sure what methods they used as we were asked to leave the apartment before the treatment.

    Unfortunately I found several bug bites on my waist on Saturday, not sure if I got the bites on Saturday because I read that the bites may take a few days to show on your skin (plz correct me if I am wrong), but I am pretty sure that I did not have them that morning. I am super concerned if bed bugs were cast out of her room and infected us (me particularly, because none of my other roommates have found bites). I have requested exterminator to examine my room but I have started to clean my clothes and bed sheets, etc. But I got another bite (a single one) on my leg yesterday.

    I am moving out in about three weeks. Here is what I have done to clean and package although the exterminator hasn't IDed yet. I have been cleaning my wool coats with a steamer but would that be effective? Should I just throw my down jacket away? For clothes and stuff (like postcards, shoes, notebooks and textbooks, makeups) that cannot be put into the dryer, if I thoroughly inspected them, could I say I am safe? I thought bed bug eggs are visible but I have also read posts that claim the opposite. I am considering to get a heater (the ZappBug heater from amazon particularly because this is the cheapest), have anyone used it before?

    Thank you so much for reading through my desperate post! I have read posts that some people have fought with bed bugs for tens of years and I felt despair is overwhelming me right now. Please help!

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