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Please read! Question about proof of prior infestation in new apartment.

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  1. misery

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Sep 8 2015 0:39:16

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    Super short. Got BBs. New place, dodgy landlord is putting it all on me. It was not me. (Prior place had no signs for our stay or since.) Now I am noticing weirdness in the paint. Almost like the corners of the room had something going on and paint was used to cover it. Can this be proof they knew and hid the issue!? Can you tell if it is an old 'nest' this way?

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  2. jim danca

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Sep 8 2015 8:27:13

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    Is there carpeting in the room? Look for cast skins or fecal staining along the baseboards.

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