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Please help identify: is this a bed bug?

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  1. jcv2018

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Mon Aug 6 2018 4:47:56

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    I have found 2 bugs on the floor of my parents' bedroom, and I am wondering whether these are bed bugs.

    We recently went on vacation to somewhere with a tropical climate and got extensively bitten on our feet and legs in bed, but at first assumed they were mosquito bites (our destination had MANY mosquitoes). However, I thought the bites seemed too small, and that there were too many after only one night for them to be mosquito bites and have been wondering since whether they are bedbugs.

    Since our return 5 days ago we have regularly been checking our beds for signs of bed bugs, including feces/skin sheds and haven't really found anything. It is also worth noting that we asked our host at our vacation spot to check our beds after we left, and she didn't find any bedbugs.

    However this morning I found these bugs on the floor in my parents bedroom as I was checking for signs of bed bugs. It is worth noting that I found them upside down and dead.

    Please see pictures attached. One of the pictures has my finger in it for size reference.

    Any advice/identification of the bugs would be much appreciated! I really really hope we don't have bed bugs.

    Thank you!





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