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Please Help I dont have anyone to talk to going crazy

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  1. crazy_i_am_going

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Fri Aug 15 2008 21:09:54

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    Like some of you, no one believes I have a bug problem or maybe that’s what they want to believe. It seems putting up with your disturbed daughter that has “issues” is far less a hassle than the ordeal involved with an infestation.
    I have been threw a series of unfortunate events involving the majority of my loved ones over the past two years. These emotionally weighting incidences have left me with my dad as my support system. I think my dad believes I am seeing bugs because of the recent trauma (along with other craziness throughout my 28 years) I live with my stubborn father who I have recently learned loves me a great deal. I love him dearly despite the fact he won’t admit his eyesight requires glasses and freaks if the word bugs leaves my mouth or a scratch is heard.
    The fist ordeal with my bugs sent my dad into this depressed state of denial in which he convinced himself I had lost it because he could not see anything (I should mention that his computer uses the largest font and he squints), and he does not have bugs so I must be crazy. Keeping a hawk eye and ear on his ‘compulsive, over the top, dramatic, everything- a - phobic daughter’ provides reassurance I have not shaved my head, become alien or started the dreadful forbidden scratching. Once he becomes suspicious, notices odd behavior or cant mask the scratching noises with his tv , I hear “turn the bloody internet off… look where it’s gotten you… nowhere. GO TO THE DOCTOR so you can be properly diagnosed. Put an end to this self diagnosing crap. I sprayed your room, there dead.”
    Doctors are a sensitive subject in my house, one I have little faith in. Between my visit that left me with a prescription for sleeping pills that I said I didn’t want but ended up leaving with the slip of paper as that was the only suggestion he had come up with by moving two hairs on my head and practically rolling his eyes as I showed him the new bite in the inside of my elbow. I realized now what he was thinking, however at the time I had no idea since I have never injected drugs into my arm. So left feeling crazy, embarrassed, disappointed, and then coming home to tell my dad my diagnoses (that was wrong) along with the hundreds of stories I have read on people being mistreated makes me strongly believe that they are a waste of time. Deep down I would like to think that not all doctors treat patients in the poor manner that mine did and that there are practitioners that genuinely offer services motivated by something other than the number of office visits or pharmaceutical sales.
    As much as I don’t want to admit it, I guess in some ways my dad is right… I have not solved the nightmare; put an end to my endless worries and hours picking at my clothes or rid myself of these bugs.
    From my point of view I will admit that the internet has had some facts that conflict (not this site… ), showed me things I could have gone my lifetime not knowing and been fine with. On the other hand it has answered many of my thousands of questions, given me hope and comfort in knowing I am by far not only person dealing with this as well provided tips and information that have helped at the time. And for the countless nights of no sleep its in a sad way kept me company. This is my first attempt at reaching out for advice (well second, messaged one person with similar circumstances, but did not hear back) I am not sure what I’m looking for; I guess whatever I can get.
    As I know most of you know what little or no sleep does to a person ,I’m simply exhausted from weeks no sleep (now sick) trying to keep up a front that I fine so my father doesn’t have another breakdown, take me to the nut house, or look at me as if I where a stranger. If your thinking I am just being silly, overreacting or exaggerating, let me explained that I have recently lost my mother and other loved ones family now it’s just my dad and I. I don’t want to loose him too. If I could afford to Id burn all my infested clothes and get the heck out of here, but I broke.
    I am not sure how I can get out of this situation; I am also aware that I am not thinking as well as I could if I weren’t in crisis mode. I am looking for any support or suggestions as my thoughts are starting to scare me and I don’t have people in my life to talk to.
    Desperately I am trying not to let the fact I am being eaten alive by bugs that are a figment of my imagination according to my senile father and sad excuse of a doctor, completely destroy my life. Between the humiliations, frustration father breakdowns, nearly loosing my job, lack of income due to my attendance, major depression, and self disgust while trying to keep my job, I am sinking fast.
    thank you for listening and I am more than thankful to hear from anyone. C

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sat Aug 16 2008 14:40:09

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    crazy_i_am_going - 17 hours ago  » 
    Like some of you, no one believes I have a bug problem or maybe that’s what they want to believe.

    Hi C,

    I am sorry you're going through all that.

    It would be understandable if you had bed bugs and your father (who has poor eyesight) could not see them.

    If that is the case, then proving you have bed bugs is actually quite do-able. It sounds like you have seen them (and even picked them off your clothing?)

    If that is so, you need to collect a sample. Pick one up with sticky transparent tape (packing tape works well) and tape it to an index card. If you're worried it might escape, put the card in a ziploc sandwich bag and seal it up.

    Then you need to get this sample to an entomologist who can identify the insect. Many areas have a university extension service that will identify bugs. A university entomology dept. is another option. Pest control firms will often do it too. If you tell us where you are, others may have suggestions.

    The bottom line is that if you have bed bugs, they can be identified, and your home can be treated.

    If you have another insect, the same is true.

    If another problem exists with a medical basis, that can be treated too.

    But if you are sure you are seeing bugs, you simply must collect a sample and have someone knowledgeable identify it.

    If you can take close-up photos and post a link here to one, one of the entomologists who hangs out here might be able to do ID it too.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. fightorflight

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Tue Aug 19 2008 0:03:56

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    If you are dealing with lots of crisis in your life, and bedbugs are threatening to push you completely over the edge, and no one believes you, then we understand completely. You have not presented a lot of evidence, however, in your story. Are you convinced you have bedbugs because you are being bitten all over in a way you have never been bitten before, and it tends to happen at night, and there are some other risk factors you have noticed, like perhaps your neighborhood or recent travel?

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