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Please help! Fecal ID/Blood spots on sheets ID - moving and panicked

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  1. PenelopeTheParanoid

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sat Sep 21 2019 11:48:48

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    If any experts can weigh in on my photos to see if anything seems BB evidence related? I understand that you likely will not weigh in on the "bite" or skin reaction photos, but I am adding them in the event any other users have any input - so feel free to scroll past any of those! I have been reading/researching/studying photos and information nonstop for 5 weeks and just can't say for sure what is happening. Is there anything else that I should do?

    The only creatures that have been identified by my PCO (he didn't find - I later found myself and dropped off for identification) are carpet beetle larvae (alive and casings), a tiny single book louse casing, and a dead tiny millipede. Also common that I have encountered since this (and before) are pill bugs, lady bugs, various spiders, flies, fruit flies, and two mosquitoes in my car (one dead, one alive). I'm about to move in a few weeks out of state to move in with my boyfriend and his two little kids, and I feel so trapped. I'm afraid to touch or move anything, sit anywhere, or make an ounce of progress that's not throwing things away and heating my clothing to put in plastic bags. I should be packed and so excited for this wonderful new part of my journey, but I don't know what to do to be okay!

    Exactly 5 weeks ago while shaving my legs in the shower I found 26 tiny red, and a few purple-ish, dots across both of my shins (17 on the left, 9 on the right) in what I suppose could be described as a zigzag pattern across each shin from calf to calf. I was already having a tough time with some depression and anxiety and I lost it with fear of bugs or cancer (because the internet tells us everything could be cancer). Nothing was itchy, painful, or irritated in any way. (I wish I used my regular camera for these and did better in general!)

    20190818_121735 (1) by Penny P, on Flickr

    20190818_121719 by Penny P, on Flickr

    20190817_180747 by Penny P, on Flickr

    20190817_180733 (1) by Penny P, on Flickr

    I had just spent hours trying on every piece of pants and skirts I owned to sort out what wasn't needed because I'm getting ready to move. Some of these things are literally close to 20 years old and haven't been worn in over 10 years. I hadn't noticed anything until I got into the shower and went to shave my legs. After finding two weeks later evidence of carpet beetles in the apartment, friction of putting pants and skirts on and off lets me sometimes think POSSIBLY carpet beetle larvae reactions?

    Two friends were visiting from across the country and stopped by for an hour 2 days before this and had stayed at a hotel near the airport a couple of days prior. We even had an entire conversation about how one of our shared biggest fears was BB. I had contacted them directly asking if they had any evidence of bugs - they stated no. Three days before this I had 2 of my 3 cats at the vet. I have checked a million times and see no signs of fleas.

    PCO came out and cleared me for any type of pest/parasite. He did say the red dots on my legs looked more like mites than anything, and did one more look for evidence of them with nothing.

    By the time I had gotten into the dermatologist the tiny red dots were gone but I had 4 or 5 pimple-like marks around my butt crack/lower back I had noticed the night before. I have terrible skin so something I'd never question before, but now everything sends me over the edge.

    Butt-lower back marks by Penny P, on Flickr

    He didn't think they were bug bites, said acne. And I showed him photos of my red dots (all while crying my eyes out), and he said it was a contact dermatitis. After his many questions of my habits, activities, medications, etc., he said I mentioned I walk on the bay beaches often and they are gross LOL, putting me into contact with all sorts of nonsense.. But in my mind he's going off of just photos and I walked the buggy bay beach the day before seeing the dots...

    The first of 4 full tear aparts of my mattress/box spring/frame 5 weeks ago only uncovered what looked like a carpet beetle larvae casing in between my mattress and box spring (accidentally crushed). I'm in a small and quiet building with only 4 units and I'm the newest tenant of 2 years. Myself and the one family use the old washer and dryer machines, and I did laundry the day before this started. Landlord called the tenant who helps around the building (and shares the laundry room) and apparently nobody is having an issue. He didn't know much about bed bugs or have any concern. Said maybe I could put some powders from Home Depot down to prevent them. (This was before PCO and dermatologist)

    My anxiety was still through the roof and I was losing weight and having intense health related symptoms. I needed peace of mind! I got white sheets. Made my bed an island. Climb ups under every leg/wheel (still nothing incriminating). I initially had sprinkled DE in the inside chambers but was afraid it was too much and wiped them out a week and a half ago. This was during week 2 I set it all up and decided to do one final deep check of everything around my bed. In the baseboards I saw what I thought was perhaps another beetle casing, turned to grab my tape, turned back and it moved super slow, but disappeared! I went full panic not being able to grab or identify it. PCO came back again for another inspection and cleared me. He pointed out how old my building is and lots of things will come through window frame cracks and floorboards - which I do experience.

    Weekend 3 and my boyfriend sleeps over. He accidentally kicks the blanket to the floor (creating a freaking bridge!) and I wake up with an actual bite and something weird and sticky on me (that I deemed an egg). Not itch or pain. He swears spider bite and not an egg after doing his own Googling while I lay sobbing on the floor. My dad later looked and swore spider bite - stating when he pulled it he saw two tiny marks like fangs. The next day it was just a teeny tiny scab. The sticky "egg" thing became non sticky and yellow-ish.

    Bite 1 on back by Penny P, on Flickr

    Sticky clear oval-ish by Penny P, on Flickr

    Inspect my bedroom again with nothing. Start calming down. A few days later I see a second actual bite looking thing on my forearm. No itch, no pain. Same as the first in which it was just a dot the next morning.

    Bite 2 by Penny P, on Flickr

    I also have had a couple spots that I thought maybe looked a little slightly red, but then turned into a brown dot that doesn't seem to go away?

    Brown spec by Penny P, on Flickr

    Various single red dots now appear here and there on legs and arms/hands. Some have gone away, some have not.

    Red Dot - longest running by Penny P, on Flickr

    Red Dot by Penny P, on Flickr

    Red Dot 2 by Penny P, on Flickr

    Second rip apart/inspection of the bedding area shows nothing except for a tiny wet something in between the mattress pillow top area. The lighting in my apartment is terrible at night but it seemed like a bright red smear when I touched it. Then I could see almost nothing when I went to take a daylight photo. My heart pounded out of my ears while I finished that long inspection - but nothing else.

    Red smear on mattress by Penny P, on Flickr

    During my last intense rip apart/inspection of the bedding area I came across these questionable spots. This was on Monday... Fecal stains?

    Mark on mattress cover (no encasement). by Penny P, on Flickr

    Mark on mattress cover (no encasement) 9.16 by Penny P, on Flickr

    Mark on mattress cover (no encasement) 9.16.19 by Penny P, on Flickr

    Same day I woke up with the slightest itch next to my ankle, and it was slightly itchy for like a minute before the "bite" actually appeared.

    Bite 3 by Penny P, on Flickr

    This is the same bite today, but last night it almost appeared to have some red/purple vein-age to it underneath. Or like the way my body reacts to an invasive species mosquito bite (the ones with the stripped legs in New Jersey). Besides some of the tiny red or brown dots, it's the only thing that has really lingered.

    Bite 3 after 5 days by Penny P, on Flickr

    Two nights ago "bite" 4 on my back where there is definite similar acne, but this is a little lower. Last night my friend swore it was a hormonal pimple that she could see the "white" to pop deep in. Having acne on my back is driving me crazy because I can't properly inspect it myself!

    Bite 4 by Penny P, on Flickr

    At first I was finding a lot tiny black and dark specs in the sheets. Nothing was sticky and could all be brushed off. But when I do fecal moisture testing on this one recently, I just don't know...

    Black specs by Penny P, on Flickr

    My one cat is being treated for some issues around her butt and vagina, and the photo shows what I clean off of her every night, so it makes it confusing. I have to say that since Monday I have wet wipes that I wipe my feet before I get into bed and I have found nothing besides cat hair since...

    P9200104 by Penny P, on Flickr

    And then a few of my more recent "findings".

    P9200103 by Penny P, on Flickr

    And I feel I've found a decent amount of hard things that look like these:

    Front by Penny P, on Flickr

    Back by Penny P, on Flickr

    Weird crap from the bed by Penny P, on Flickr

    Mentioned earlier that I stopped off at the PCO - mostly carpet beetle larvae (dead and 7 alive by my hamper/dresser area).

    Carpet Beetle casings (and maybe a piece of Special K...) by Penny P, on Flickr

    Carpet Beetles by Penny P, on Flickr

    I have torn my bedroom apart many times. Slowly gone over every seam of my mattress, sheets, covers I already had because of my memory foam topper (no encasements because I don't trust the cats to not claw them), box spring seams and inside, basic metal frame, pulled back baseboards, night stand, furniture, etc...

    There are so many things that could be explained by something else, but I'm a mess and terrified to move with something. I was supposed to be putting bulk furniture out with garbage in preparation of the move and I just don't know what I should do. I don't know how my boyfriend hasn't called off the move (he doesn't think there is a problem, but is very supportive of my anxiety). I spend every waking moment researching and inspecting. My anxiety got so bad that two weeks ago I saw a mental health professional and started taking daily medication to try to get through this in one piece. I just want to figure out what is happening and be able to move on.

    Does any of this seem BB related? Carpet beetles? Mites? Skin issues? Mental? I have been working on this post for about 5 hours, so thank you so much to anyone who has read this!!!

  2. PenelopeTheParanoid

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sat Sep 21 2019 11:52:39

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    I'm such a dope I forgot the blood spots on the sheets!

    Last weekend I woke up to see a blood spot Saturday morning, and then a few more this past Monday morning. My boyfriend was here for those. He had a bloody nose on and off all weekend, but it didn't make sense because these were more in my back area of the sheets. There was no evidence of anything on me that bled.

    Blood on sheets night 1 with random things by Penny P, on Flickr

    Blood on sheets 1 by Penny P, on Flickr

    Blood on sheets 2 nights later by Penny P, on Flickr

  3. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sat Sep 21 2019 12:10:19

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    Combination of issues non of which are bedbugs.

    The issue that needs to be fixed is CB’s. Read up on the previous forum posts about them and my linked PDF. In resolving them you will be clearing up the DE and getting life back to normal.

    The spots in the lower back indicate a subluxation which might not be a significant issue but worth seeing a chiropractor for. I see one every 3 weeks and have done for two years, they are not about back pain they are about maintaining a healthy central nervous system.

    Finally monitor when you move and get on with the move as a new chapter in your life and put this behind you.

    Hope that resonates and helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

  4. PenelopeTheParanoid

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sat Sep 21 2019 13:21:01

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    Thank you so much for checking out my OCD post and your response, David! I have tried to pull up your PDF on several occasions these past few weeks with error, so I will try again on the laptop that I am now not afraid to touch thanks to you (it lives in the bedroom). I look forward to it!

    Do you think that my safer theory for 26 tiny red dots appearing across my shins after hours of taking on and off old pants and skirts falls in line as a potential friction/carpet beetle reaction?

    From my research on the blood stains on sheets primer I didn't think that the blood spots that I woke up to seemed to match, and the random dot that smeared was bright red, but just wasn't sure and couldn't explain them. As you can see there are so many coincidental things being thrown at me. But the dark "marker-like" dots on the mattress cover do not fall in line with your suspicion either? They were this week and definitely not there during other inspections, so they are what threw me into the most possible "evidence" throughout this adventure.

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