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Please help... Do I have bed bugs traveling with me abroad? Again, please help.

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Tue Sep 29 2009 1:20:08

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    I live in the US and about a week and a half ago, in bed, but not yet asleep I realized that my leg right under my bum was very itcty and looked as if it was bitten in a cluster about a 5in by 5 in area by misquotoes... I assumed that I was hot and sweat caused the irritation because my computer was sitting on my lap. I did immediately think of bed bugs but figured I was being a bit ridiculous since I live in a single family home with my parents and this has never been any sort of an issue before, so i figured that it was nothing.

    Then a few days later I was on a plane, going to Europe... While trying to sleep I had very itchy small bumps behind my knee and near the elbow of my arm. Although I was wearing jeans my skin felt as if it was burning and I went to the restroom to but cold water on the areas and to wash my hands.

    Now tonight, after a few days in my new apartment I woke up itching with about 10 to 15 very small bumps on my outter elbow.

    All three time the rash resembled hives and was so itchy that i felt it was burning. The intense symptoms (burning) went away fairly quickly and the more moderate ones (bumps)gradually went away after a few and there were no signs of visable bites.

    After going to sleep at 230 this morning I woke up at 430 and have been up researching since(it is now 730am)

    After my first night sleeping in this new bed in europe, I noticed little black/brown specks on my bed(some larger, looking like fuzz and others small, poppy seed or dirt speck looking)I used a sticky tape lint roller to remove them. And tonight (3 nights later) I notice that there are more.

    And just an fyi, the only thing that I can think of how they came to me(if they even did) is from my aunts dog. I watched the dog for a week and a few days she left, I got the bits for the first time.

    Does it sound right that it has been about a week and a half and I have only experianced bites 3 times?
    And would the dogs be affected by these bed bugs as well, if she was the carrier would it be obvious that she had bed bugs bits or itching?

    Please help I am alone and in another country, I am embaressed and ashamed to tell me apartmentmates and unsure if I even have bed bugs.
    Any response would be really apprieciated.
    Thank you.

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