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  1. Paranoidbug

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    Sun Jul 1 2018 14:19:29

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    So recently I've been getting bites, and it's just me, my mom isn't getting anything and I know that a lot of times BBs only feed on one person. They were gone for the winter and recently we've gotten them again, or so I think. We have no signs of the bugs no matter where we look. At around 5am I woke up with 3 huge welts on my arm that looked like mosquito bites and they itched for a couple minutes, I put some antibiotic ointment on them at when I woke up around 11 one 1 was gone but the other 2 became this small circle, kinda like a pimple. We've had bed bugs before and usually when they bit me around my torso I got big welts and the same thing would happen. I don't know if its bbs, heat rash because of the weather, or something else. Does anyone have any ideas?

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