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Please give me answers :-(

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  1. Jax

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Jul 30 2009 19:58:28

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    Hi Guys,
    I've done heaps of research on bed bugs but I can't find the answers I want...
    My partner and I are Australian and recently got jobs at a london pub. A week after we started my boyfriend started to get bitten by bed bugs. While I only got bitten twice, he received hundreds of bites, which he scratched, and scratched, and two months on he still has some scabs and a lot of vicous scars.
    Apparently the guy in our room before us had the same problem (first bedbug problem of the house), but an exterminator was called then, and the mattress was changed, and our room was then empty for a month before we moved in.
    Since our complaints, we have had the exterminator in twice, first spraying the bed and mattress and then the same plus the walls. We have had no more bites.
    Although, now the girl in the next room is being severely bitten, and also the girl in the room underneath her is suffering the same.
    The exterminator came to their rooms this week and sprayed just the walls, suggesting next week he will use 'smoke' in their rooms...
    What is this?
    Is it effective?
    And should we also get our room done? Or the whole building?
    I feel very itchy when I try to sleep but I think it's paranoia.
    My dad is coming from Aus to stay next week, in one of the two currently infested rooms... After it has been 'smoked' though... I don't want him to get bed bugs!...
    Please help................

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