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Planning my escape (moving)

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Aug 12 2014 23:16:53

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    Hi everyone!
    A couple of months ago I was searching for my lost keys and decided to look under my mattress. I didn't find the keys, but a big family of well nourished bed bugs (and I thought those bites were mosquito bites!). My landlord sprayed the whole room and got rid of the wooden bed and bought a metal one, and since I have found no trace of bedbugs or their signs in the mattress I assume most of them are gone. However, I still find live BBs from time to time...

    Fortunately for me, the room I have been renting since January was only a temporary settlement and I am moving to my own apartment in September. This is my plan for escaping this infestation without taking hitch-hikers with me. I hope this ends up being a success story.

    I have been reading a lot of information in this amazing website and I think I have a plan, but please give me your more experienced opinion about it:

    Clothes and backpacks
    I am washing and drying (or just drying) all my clothes and putting them into plastic bags with double zipper (bought at Canadian Tire) that I will keep in the basement, two floors away from the infestation focus (my bedroom). Every morning I'll go down to the basement after showering to dress up with clothes of those bags.
    I'll do the same procedure with my backpacks. The big suitcase I moved in with from overseas is too big to put into the dryer and it has been standing next to the bed all the time. I'll consider it doomed.
    Once I move into my new apartment I will first put the contents of the bags again into the dryer before storing them.
    - How should I treat my shoes? Just put them into the dryer as well?
    - What's the best way of getting rid of potentially infected things (like the suitcase)?

    Dishes and cooking things
    I'll clean them with hot water and put them into plastic bags with double zip.
    -Is hot water from the sink hot enough? If not through the heat, is washing the dishes enough to make sure there's no trace of BBs? Or should I clean them with alcohol?

    Books, documents and small objects (basically things in the desktop drawer)
    I've thought of putting them in a backpack (maybe with some towels for cushioning) and into the dryer.
    -Has anyone done this method before?

    Other stuff
    I have some bike tires in my closet. I doubt they are infected, but I thought of just spraying them with insect killer. Some smaller electric devices such as battery charger, joystick, external hard drive I was thinking of cleaning them with alcohol. The same for sprays (deodorants and alike).

    Am I missing something? What do you think of my strategy? Am I getting paranoid?
    Thank you all for your advice.

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