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Photos of Either Bedbug Debris or Dirt?? Hopefully Dirt?

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  1. lisab

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon May 11 2015 15:31:42

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    Hello dear experts!

    I'll keep it short. I had bedbugs about a year and a half ago, had a great company, did the big cleaning and sealing and fogging etc, and now I am trading in my old mattress (which was sealed in a good mattress sealer) and notice weird debris and marks on my bedframe. I really have no idea of it's something to be alarmed about or not! And I am concerned that if there is some bedbug-type-activity in my bedframe, I need to get rid of it and not put this nice new mattress on it. So expertise greatly appreciated. I haven't noticed bites but I can be a little oblivious, but really no marks or bites I can notice. (Which is weird if this is bedbug marks on my /bed/).

    Okay here are the photos, and my apologies in advance asking you all to look at something so gross. I took them as best I could, as close up and hi res as possible, but I don't know if it's identifiable at all. The first set are from the metal frame things that are connected to the wooden bedframe, the metal bars that hold up the mattress itself. The wood posts had nothing I could see. The second set are the debris that I was able to collect from the corners of those metal frames, and photographed against a white background or in a glass jar (in the glass jar if the debris stuff was a little humid and wouldn't pour out onto the white paper). I can't tell if it looks like dead skin from bedbugs (or me?), feces or leftover bug, or just random dirt?

    Thanks so much for anyone's words of wisdom.. want to know if I will need to start the whole shebang again! And if this frame needs to be chucked, or just cleaned! And maybe to get one of those bed bug blood detector kits in the faq. Anyway. Thank you so much!

    PS In case you are worried about the old mattress it is sealed in a mattress bag as required by NYC. I only really started to look at these marks on the frame after removing the old mattress.

    Here are the pics online-

    A million million thanks for any enlightenment!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon May 11 2015 15:47:02

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    I'm not seeing anything that makes me think bed bugs. Congrats on the budding hair/booger collection though...

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