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Phosphine gas...any thoughts..

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Oct 9 2018 16:00:33

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    Hey there,

    So I live in Spain. I´ve had bedbugs before and it was probably the most traumatic experience I have ever had. It lasted two years and finally we got rid of them by getting rid of most of our stuff and moving. That was two years ago. We have now moved again and they´re back. Now I had some stuff in storage for just over a year in a place where temperatures only got below 0ºC for couple of months in the year. So in theory they should if there were any stragglers in the books or records, have dried up and died. So here we are in a new apartment and we were being bitten and then I found a dead adult on the bed.
    SO..we´re back in it again.
    Iñm trying to stay as calm as possible, even though it´s difficult.
    So I have two specific questions that I can´´t find answers to on the forum.
    One: the storage issue: a year at temperatures that vary between -5ºC for two months max, up to 40ºC is more than sufficient for the bugs to die, right?

    Second question: I have found a company here that offers to treat my stuff (non electrical) books and furniture, outside the home, we have to bring them the stuff and they seal it up and apply Phosphine gas for 7 days.

    Phosphine gas from what I have read is a very effective insecticide..or biocide in general.
    Does anyone know about this?
    I´m unclear on the legality of using this as there is some information about this product being used in Australia and Asia in hotels and potential human death. Apparently it hangs around, is colourless and odourless and cuts oxygen to the brain.
    So my questions re the Phosphine gas are: has anybody heard of using this in Europe? Or the US?
    Is it 100% effective at a 7 day administration.
    How long would the furniture, books and records need to be aired to remove the extremely toxic effects fo said gas?
    We could put everything into another storage unit, seal it up properly so that neighbouring units cant infect our stuff (a possibility in the last case maybe), but would experts say that a year in storage sealed in sufficient.

    I also have some Cimexa...
    But I´m not sure how effective this is.

    So many questions I know.

    I know there are some very informed people on the forum.
    I´m so grateful for it being here and can´t believe we´re back in this madness again, but am trying to stay light and positive.

    Many thanks

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