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    I had to address a bedbug infestation a few months ago. I remember it was really stressful and I was very much encouraged by the bedbug success stories on the forum so I thought I'd share mine.

    1. I was getting a few bites through the months of late February/March. These were never actually confirmed to be bed bug bites. They were usually 1 solo bite or 2 large welts on my face or feet. This has happened before in our home so we thought it might be a stray mosquito and nothing to worry about.
    2. In early April, I discovered about 10 bites that appeared on me late afternoon. 5 on my thigh area; 5 on my arm. At that point, I suspected bedbugs more seriously and decided to search my mattress more closely. Found a few of the tell-tale black marks and 2 large bedbugs & one small bug in our mattress seam. (It later turned out that the small baby bug was not a bedbug).
    3. Panicked. Dryed all bedding. Bagged suspicious clothing items. Checked house for any other signs-- no signs.
    4. Called a heat treatment agency. Panicked--- they only did full-house heat treatment and it was very expensive.
    5. Called for another PCO to come to the house. We worked with Kelly from SuperSniff. She was great. She brought her dog and examined our house-- only found evidence in our bedroom. She didn't think pesticide/heat treatment was needed and thought we had a very mild infestation. She recommended mattress encasement, some more laundering & putting down some diatamaceous earth. We had a dresser near our bed and she didn't even think it was necessary to treat all the clothing in it.
    6. Followed her instructions. Also cleaned w/ rubbing alcohol
    7. I was still getting occasional bites-- usually just one or two, maybe 2 weeks, or a week apart. Weren't sure if they were bedbug bites or mosquito bites. We did more laundering and eventually put down a little CIMEXA (sp?). Husband also caulked all cracks between our baseboards-- we're in a rowhome so it's possible the bedbugs traveled over from a neighboring home.
    8. Late April: PCO came back in about a month: Her dog did not alert to any bedbugs. We were still confused because we still had bites. The PCO said that she can never guarantee 100% certainty but she thought our bites didn't follow the typical bedbug pattern (5 bites every 5 days) and that her dog didn't' alert, the likliehood was small.
    9. We felt cautiously optimistic.... and began using the bedroom normally again, though I didn't take stuff out of the plastic bags.
    10. I still got a few bites in the subsequent days-- I had a 1 bite, 2 bite, 1 bite over 3 days. That was early May.
    11. It's no early July .... and since early May, I've had no bites. Basically since late May, we've been certain we don't have bedbugs anymore.

    All in all, it was not too bad to deal with. Having the PCO come with the dog and isolating the problem was super helpful. We didn't have a dryer so going to the laundromat was a huge pain for treating our bedding/clothing-- that was the most annoying part of the treatment. But to be honest, the worst part was the psychological paranoia and worry. But in hindsight, it wasn't too bad to deal with at all. I think we were lucky because we caught it early on.

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