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Pets and treatment

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    Wed Jul 17 2019 20:33:03

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    As I just said in another post I'll be contacting PCO tomorrow (and asking then as well), but wanting to know if there are any treatment options a PCO could use that would NOT require us to remove the pets? I ask because it's extremely difficult with a few of them (four cats and two dogs). I have a senior cat who owns a love seat, and my boys hide if they even think I'm gonna put them in a carrier. I know all the tricks btw for getting them in a carrier - it doesn't make it any easier though.

    I guess I want to know if options are out there that won't require removing the pets. Plus it's hot as Hades out right now and really nowhere to take them. Not like we can go to a hotel with 6 critters and say "hey, we're getting bedbug treatment, how much for a room?" Heck, even NOT saying the bedbug part, no one would let us take six pets.

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