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Pesticide resistance and PCO questions

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Feb 11 2009 20:32:23

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    I use Demand CS and Exponent which is like exciter. Gentrol on the first treatment only because it last up to 4 months, also study show an increase on eggs, but does end up sterilizing the BB. Delta dust in the wall voids via the electrical outlet( 6 month residual). Fan spray all picture frames,dresser and side table,Mattress and inside box spring Mattress, smoke detectors, ceiling lamps, closets, and every crack and crevice you see.
    Steam cleaning do not always work because if you miss a spot that's it ( no residual ).
    I have been working in the pest control field for about 13 years and no problems here ( Thanks to God )

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Feb 11 2009 23:20:19

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    1) There is no solid data that Gentrol (or any other IGR) has any effect on bed bugs. This topic is VERY much up for debate.

    2) No pesticide has a defined residual time frame.

    3) There is plenty of evidence to suggest that resistance (to pyrethroids) is occurring in some populations from many areas of North America.


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