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Pesticide odor still there months later??

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  1. Violet

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Jul 29 2009 14:15:09

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    Am I the ONLY one with this experience?? This is so weird. I had Assured Environments treat my apartment in the fall, and then it had to be retreated 6 weeks later 'cause I got bitten again. After that, the bugs were completely gone. I threw out my bed and certain other stuff, and moved into the other bedroom, to avoid inhaling the pesticides (which were applied most heavily in the main bedroom.)

    I read "just itching"'s thread, asking about odor, and I had a similar experience: the second time my apartment was sprayed, I came back to dried white puddles all over the floors and baseboards, and this intense sweet smell.

    Because I was able to sleep in a different room, I just left that room to air out: First I mopped and scrubbed it, which removed some of the odor, then I left fans going in there for days at a time, window open, etc.

    But the smell is STILL there!!!!! It has diminished but it is definitely not gone. I smell it most clearly in one corner. What is that?? My apt is in a very old Brooklyn house, and the floors are wide wood planks with big cracks and spaces. Also plenty of crevices in the walls, molding, etc. Did the pesticide seep down into the cracks, and now it's just there permanently? How can it still smell? What do I do to get rid of it?? If any PCO's have an answer, I'd be VERY, VERY grateful.

  2. Winston O. Buggy

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Jul 30 2009 7:36:13

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    I would suggest you contact Assured asap in regard to your issue.

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