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    Thu Jul 17 2008 22:25:45

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    Ok, so I am new and live in Orlando and I am still unsure as to whether or not I have BB soooo:
    1. would it be safe to say, if I got a PCO who treated the place for BB would it kill any other blood suckin' SOB's like ticks, mites,fleas etc?

    All of my furniture is second hand mid-century wood pieces, including my couch which is wood and upholstery, but not my bed/mattress which I bought at IKEA. I live atop a garage in a heavily wooded area near downtown, and the building has been around since at least the 1950's; needless to say there is no AC...just fans and windows. The age of the home, and the fact that my windows are open almost every night, makes the cracks and crevasses premium real estate for all bugs. I wash all my linens in steaming hot water and I checked under my mattress and inspected the whole thing to find the tale tell signs of BBs and came up negative; however, my couch is practically the same amberish color as BBs so I feel like I would have to lint roll the whole thing to find any evidence.
    I have been suspicious of bedbugs for about a week and have frequently lurked the forums and FAQ's.
    My landlady has outdoor/feral cats that I occasionally let upstairs on my porch, with rugs, to play with. The other day I was sitting on the rugs in shorts, after maybe a week of not having a cat come up, sanding some wood shelving that I built, took a shower and then fell asleep on the couch for a siesta without pants. That night I took another shower and once I got out, I noticed many mosquito looking bites on my thighs/buttocks, knees, and ankles and as per one of the threads on here, I decided to take a sharpie and dot next to the bites in order to keep track of which are new and old. This morning I woke up with about 6 new bites, but none seem to venture up above my legs.

    I should also mention that the sofa is probably ground zero because I picked it up at the Habitat for Humanity resale store, compared to the other furniture which was either taking up space in someone's garage or storage. Within the next week or so I am going to lint roll the sofa, look in all the outlets/cable holes, wash the rugs on the hot cycle and constantly keep my eyes open.

    So again, if I went out and got some DE and dusted it, VERY CAREFULLY- I know, around the cracks where the baseboards and floorboards meet, around the outlets, in the joints of the bed and maybe under the cushions on the couch would that kill any bug?
    Even better, are you or do you know of any PCO's in the Orlando (preferably downtown area) who specialize with BB;s?


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