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PCO treatment and Fleas

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  1. freakout

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jan 16 2012 9:22:15

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    I had my third treatment for bbs and notice after each one, a few fleas show up on my cat. She doesn't normally have fleas. I noticed it because I will notice she scratches. So I've bathed her after each PCO treatment just to keep her clean from whatever chemicals they use and because these fleas pop up on her. Could this be from treatment? I also take her to my parents place during each PCO treatment and they have a dog.

  2. DustinBBKiller

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jan 16 2012 10:46:49

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    Fleas coming from the treatments? No. The ONLY way that could be possible is the PCO is bringing them in, maybe from his own problem at home. And that's not even likely.

    Have you seen actual fleas?

    4 options...

    1.) Your cat is allergic to the products being used. (Cats are known to adverse reactions to Pyrethrin based products. (If she seems to be scratching AFTER treatments, this scenario seems most likely)

    2.) You say you bring your cat to your folks house? They have a dog? That dog has fleas.

    3.) You've had fleas all along but had no clue. Once the treatments started, they made themselves known. (Not likely, but hey, anything can happen I guess, right?)

    4.) I've been trolled...

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