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PCO treated once w/ Fenvastar, said it should be enough-- true?

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  1. outbugsout

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jan 12 2017 12:02:51

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    Hi all, I'm new here. I found out about six weeks ago that my next door neighbor (I live in an apartment building) had a horrible bedbug infestation. PCO sprayed all walls of neighboring units. We were told it was just routine, preventative, but then found out from our downstairs neighbors that the PCO had told them about the neighbor-- it was the worst infestation he'd ever seen. A few days later, these downstairs neighbors found out they had them, hiding in a dust ruffle. PCO sprayed their apartment with FenvaStar. I was on high alert for about five or six weeks, but found nothing. During this time the original infested neighbor moved out. On Dec. 27, I found an adult bedbug crawling on the pajamas I'd just taken off. It was NO DOUBT a bedbug, flat, rust-colored. I'd also seen three small bites in a row on my son's hand a week before. I told my complex manager right away, the PCO came to inspect. We gathered up ALL of our clothes, bedclothes, stuffed animals, etc, hot wash/dryed and bagged them, and bagged up all other belongings. While doing so, I found another bedbug chilling under my son's mattress. (A younger adult). The PCO sprayed with FenvaStar-- he said it has a one-month residual effect. He said he's very careful to spray all cracks where they could be hiding--seemed to know his stuff. He also said that he'd found no evidence of them, so our apartment manager seems satisfied. Everything I've read says that a PCO should come back in 10-14 days or so for a follow up. It doesn't seem like we'll be getting a follow-up visit. Our downstairs neighbors haven't seen any evidence after their initial treatment. I was bitten once last night and had two bites three days ago (this is 13 days after treatment). We are moving out at the end of the month, and I feel fated to bring these things with us. My husband wants to get new beds and a new couch, but I said that we should keep the ones we know have been treated or they'll just infest the new things anyway. To add to this, they are now gutting the original infested apartment so they can renovate it, and we're just picturing all survivors heading to our place. Sorry for the long background-- my real question here is does it really seem possible that no follow-up is required?

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jan 12 2017 12:17:39

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    FenvaStar is Esfenvalerate. (from info sheet) The compound tends to repel bees for a day or two after application, causing bee visitations to drop during that time. I don't know if there is some repellent nature after application which would address reason for being repellent to honey bees. It's microencapsulated so lasts as a residual application. (from info sheet)Repeat applications as needed, but do not exceed more than one application every 7 days.

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