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PCO says we can have new couch delivered--but it's only been 10 days?ps

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    Thu Dec 31 2015 9:22:52

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    When I found our one bug, we were supposed to get our new sectional couch delivered the next day. It's from a clearance/outlet centre, and was likely a floor model judging by the scuffs/dirt on it. We did check it at the store for any obvious signs of bugs, and obviously upon delivery I'll be giving it a thorough vacuuming out.

    We delayed the delivery upon seeing the bug, and it's been delayed to this Saturday. The PCO said we are fine to have it delivered now, since he has sprayed the whole house thoroughly, but the living room is "ground zero" and I am dubious... But no bugs have migrated to our bedroom in a week without a couch or anybody being in the living room, and the PCO was not able to find any signs of bugs anywhere while he was inspecting and spraying.

    He did say if we got our new couch, when he comes back on the 11th he can treat the couch when he does his "crack and crevice" follow up treatment.

    Several of you have commented on my other posts, that it sounds as though we may have only had one bug--we may have gotten a K9 false positive--would you go ahead and get the couch delivered? My wife wants us to--she is trusting the PCO. I am less sure, but I'm also in the midst of severe anxiety and depression from this so my judgement is currently compromised and I am more likely to overreact.

    I'm thinking having the couch may provide some physical comfort back to our house, and perhaps lure out any possible bugs hiding in that wall of warm bodies start hanging out in the living room again--but I just don't know.

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