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PCO refusing to come out for second treatment/Question/I am maybe losing my mind

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  1. Bugsadness

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Jul 12 2017 11:33:03

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    Back story: found two adults on baby's bedroom wall (she doesn't sleep in there yet, but does get changed in there) and called landlord, who was very hostile and resistant. After I sent pictures to the landlord, he admitted that I was right and called "his guy." Ugh. This guy is a pest control operator, licensed, but is also a licensed asshole. He was initially reassuring: he set up a plan and we washed and dried all our clothes and bagged them. He told me he would treat with Gentrol and Phantom. He came out with his son, started spraying as my husband and I were changing into bb-free clothes, (I ran out of the house with my infant in my arms, WHAT A DICK), and sprayed for a total of 15 minutes. As we were pulling away in the car he left the house, apparently done. Of course red flags go up for me. PCO tells me to call him in two weeks, but says he is confident our problem is done. I am not so sure.

    Week two after treatment, my husband and I get bites and find a dead, recently-fed nymph in our bed. I know this is not unusual, and call the PCO to schedule our second treatment. He is very defensive (though I am all sugar and spice on the phone, "we're so grateful for your help," etc etc) and says two conflicting things: 1. if we're still seeing signs, we must've reintroduced them somehow and we should go through and check our furniture and redry our bedding 2. if we're seeing anything, we should only be seeing "babies"

    He refuses to come out again until next week, which would be week three, and even then he sounds reluctant, though everything I've read and the people I've talked to locally say that two treatments are the bare minimum. In the meantime, I've bought Cimexa, which should be coming in the mail, and we're going to lightly dust the baseboards and the outlets (I will be taking my infant out of the house during this process).

    MY QUESTIONS: are we risking a population explosion if we wait that long? Is it time for me to ditch this guy and hire someone of my own? Any suggestions for convincing a reluctant landlord to have the other apartments in the building inspected? (I've contacted our nearest neighbor and told him to be on the look out, but there are several empty apartments in the building where they could hide out. We're moving in October and I need the issue to be solved by then, and I need to not bring them with me.)

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jul 13 2017 9:55:00

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    Week two and no live activity found sounds pretty good from where I'm sitting. You'd be amazed how many cast skins and dead bed bugs turn up months after treatment, they have a way of appearing out of seemingly nowhere to scare the hell out of the resident.
    I don't know that I could differentiate between a nymph that died last week or last night.

  3. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jul 13 2017 11:57:27

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    By law they can't reapply Phantom very soon. I think it's 5 weeks or something. But then the only question is, did he apply it everywhere that he should, and enough places? Getting the Cimexa is a smart move. But you may need to vacuum it up before he uses the Phantom again. If you can ask him kindly to not use the Gentrol again, it's an added chemical, that has not shown to be effective against bed bugs.

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