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PCO / K-9 unit in Atlanta, GA?

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  1. paranoidinusa

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jun 10 2018 0:10:08

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    Does anyone have any recommendations on PCO and K9 detection in Atlanta at, GA? The stress of not knowing whether I have bbs is getting to me and I can't take it anymore. On NESDCA, most teams are Orkin which I have heard really bad things about. So looking for a company that has a K-9 unit for detection and does really thorough inspections. Thanks!

  2. MoonAndBack

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    Posted 5 days ago
    Sat Oct 12 2019 10:36:56

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    Did you find one? I had a canine inspection done by Clark Pest Remedy. The dog did not find anything and I am still worried, I am awaiting for the second inspection to be done soon. The handler was very professional and spoke with me and listened to my concerns and tried to find evidence himself after dog could not find anything.

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