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PCO Inspection Concerns

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    Wed Apr 11 2018 14:10:11

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    I live in an apartment building which has a contract with a PCO so I'm at their mercy. I asked for an inspection after waking up with bites night after night. I was unfortunately unable to be home at the time of my inspection. I had to demand to speak to PCO, as only their receptionist wanted to talk to me. A red flag when off in my head when she asked about my bites, as I know that bites alone mean nothing! PCO says my apartment was positively IDed for an infestation due to findings of bed bug excrement in box spring. When I asked if he found any bed bugs in any stages (eggs, nymphs, adults etc) he said no. Is this alone sufficient proof for treatment?

    My management company sent over a contract and it doesn't even list the treatment the PCO will be doing! I demanded they send me the treatment info before I am signing anything.

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