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PCO came 3x, no bites for 3 weeks and now found a BB with blood!

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  1. SingingBird

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Nov 12 2011 13:27:48

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    So, my parents and I live in a house. We found out we had bed bugs in August but think we had them since July because my mother remembers seeing one or two bites on her body at the time and she didn't know what they were. Anyway, the PCO people have come to our house 3 times so far and treated our house. First with Gentrol, Suspend, and something else I cannot remember. Second time was the same products. Third time it was Gentrol, and some more hardcore stuff I also can't remember, but the exterminator told me it was strong.... Upon the second treatment, the exterminator told us he saw bedbugs under the encasement of the infested bed. We were planning on keeping the bed but after he told us, we moved it out of the house. Encasement tore as we were moving it, so I immediately started inspecting and found some bed bugs so I thought they might have gotten out of the encasement when it ripped open, but am unsure if it was more of a coincidence. The bugs I found were in the hallway area near the infested room and one was somewhat close to our living room but in the hallway.We haven't noticed being bitten since the first time the PCO came though.....which was august 20th.

    Anyway, he came for a third treatment after we found those bugs. That was two weeks ago. This company we chose, for some reason, sent 4 guys on the first day to box & ceram wrap and bag all our items in the three rooms near the infested room...which made no sense to us because if there are eggs or bugs in any of the items, once we unpack, they will come out and probably still be alive despite the lack of oxygen, but I thought maybe they would be dead after 2-3 months from lack of food and hydration. Anyway, we hadn't been bitten like I said since the first day the PCO came, despite finding 4 live bugs after the second treatment. My mother and I have been sleeping in the living room which is a bit far from the infested room that started it all. My dad sleeps downstairs. I needed to find something important and started going through the boxes that were ceram wrapped and placed in the infested room. I opened up practically all the boxes. I closed some back up with duct tape and then decided to leave some open thinking it was fine. That was only 2 days ago that I opened those boxes. One of the items I took out was my hard drive which has medium sized holes and could be a place bed bugs would like to hide perhaps. I tried to inspect it and thought there wasn't anything in there. I used the hard drive in the morning and had placed it on the living room floor to get some files out onto my computer. I left it undisturbed while showering for a 1/2 hour before unplugging and putting it on the dining table. Only 2 hours later, my mother was home by herself and laying down and saw a female BB probably in 2nd or 3rd stage crawling onto her inflatable mattress in the living room quite quickly trying to get to her. She squashed it and blood came, we are confused because we hadn't seen any bugs for almost 3 weeks now and hadn't been bitten since the first day the PCO came. So, we don't know where this blood meal came from. Also, this bug was out in daylight and moving rather quickly. I'm confused if she already ate, why she was looking to eat again and of course we don't know where she got the food from because so far we can't find any bites on ourselves.

    Only thing I can remember is I saw almost 1.5-2 weeks ago, three red spots on my leg that sort of itched but I thought they were nicks from my razor but wasn't sure. These spots were very close to each other on my leg so I also suspected bed bugs but wasn't sure.

    Does anyone have any idea and advice they can give me as to what is going on. Do you think we still have bed bugs somewhere and they were just dormant for a while and now are starting to come out again? Or do you think this bed bug came out of the opened boxes that are far from our living room and this BB found it's way to us in about one day when the living room is somewhat far from the infested room? Do you think the bug found something else to feed on since we haven't noticed bites? Is it possible the three things I saw on my leg were bites from the same bug?? Would the BB have not digested the blood for a whole week or two?? I have so many questions because this makes no sense. What should we do next? I fear getting more chemicals because maybe it could actually increase the population? Is that possible? Or that the chemicals are just making them dormant and then they come out after a few weeks.

    What do we do now. What's going on This has been almost 4 months of our lives now.

  2. toledo

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Nov 14 2011 16:35:10

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    I battled BBs for just over a year, so it's not easy. First of all, hang onto any bugs you manage to catch. Your PCO may need to see them as proof that you still have a problem.. Did you read the FAQs on this board? Yes, openning the boxes could be a huge problem. BB can live for a long time without food. Also, BB can bite a person and some people don't react, so never even know they've been bitten. Another problem is where everyone is sleeping. I have news for you.....BED BUGS MOVE AROUND THE HOUSE TO FIND FOOD. You should be sleeping in your regular bedrooms. It sounds like they've spread, so you better get the PCO back out to treat the entire house.

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