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Paranoia is consuming my life!

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  1. ford94

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Apr 8 2017 23:36:33

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    A couple days ago on Tuesday morning I woke up, looked up on my wall in the corner of the ceiling and saw a bug crawling, it was flat and I grabbed a piece of tissue and killed it and noticed that it had a little bit of blood come out of it and immediately lost my mind. It was a bed bug. I live in student housing which are apartments and I notified my office and they sent pest control out to check my room. (Side note: my complex replaced a lot of beds, including mine, about a month ago and had a lot of old mattresses sitting next to the dumpsters all over our neighborhood for about a month.) He searched all over my room, the walls, ceiling, my mattress and bed frame and the furniture and found no signs of bed bugs. He asked me why I though I had bed bugs and if I had any bites or anything and I said no but I showed him what I had killed and he said it looks like one but he was really confused as to how he couldn't find anything else. He said he could still treat my room and I said yes, so he was set to treat my room friday morning.

    On thursday morning the office decided to send another PCO to search my room and again this one found nothing but noticed a bed bug casing but nothing else and told me that treatment was really up to me considering he found no signs of other live bed bugs or anything and the only proof was the one I found and killed. I told them I would still have them treat my room. On friday morning before they were supposed to come, after I literally CLEARED my entire room and bagged everything, we all kinda decided that since there aren't any signs I should wait a couple weeks to see if I notice anything and if I do then they'll treat immediately.

    Since finding the bed bug my mental health has been in shambles. I put my mattress in a cover and I washed EVERYTHING I could in hot water and dried them on hot for 80 minutes. I've searched every crevice, moved every piece of furniture, moved my wall from the bed, threw out every single thing I didn't need and vacuumed. I also bought diatomaceous earth and lightly sprinkled it everywhere I could but I can't stop thinking about bed bugs and it's driving me crazy to the point where I will literally cry out of nowhere over the simple thought. I haven't hung out with my friends out of fear that I have bed bugs and my mom should be visiting me but I told her not to come because I'm scared. I feel like I'm going crazy and this has honestly worsened my depression, I don't know what to do and feel so uncomfortable in my room. I literally have no idea what else to do and need input on whether or not I should be this paranoid.

    I'm sorry this is so long but I needed to get it all off of my chest!

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Apr 9 2017 7:01:48

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    Would some sort of monitors help you to feel better?

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