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Pain in my arms from bites

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    Wed Mar 21 2018 1:24:34

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    Hello. Started getting bites at the end of October last year (2017). Had no idea what they were until last week (March 2018). One week after my first bites showed up my left forearm and right ring finger started to hurt. The pain has no spread to both wrists and has gotten worse. My husband now has also started to have pain near his elbow where mine started out. They say bed bugs have not been known to spread diseases in humans but I obviously have something. I'm super healthy, active, work out, eat well and am only 42. There's no reason why I would all of a sudden develop this pain that's progressively gotten worse and spread. The fact that it started right after my bites and now my husband is developing the same pain is concerning to me. Has anyone else ever has lingering pain/achyness after being bitten? I have a doc appt this week but I don't have much faith in him actually trying to figure out what is wrong. Docs don't tend to like to think outside the box and they just want to treat symptoms if they can't easily find a cause. We'll see.

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