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packtite passive and pesticides

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  1. edk

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Sep 7 2018 15:33:36

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    My exterminators gave me the all clear this week, but I am seriously doubting it. We are getting bites and I'm not sure if it is bed bugs or mosquitos, but I'm pessimistic and think it is bed bugs. I want to get a monitor I believe will work and I think the packtite passive will be my best bet. I have caught nothing with climb ups. Like I said, we have had an exterminator. They have used crossfire and phantom. I was reading somewhere I need to clean pesticides away from the area I am placing the monitor. Is this true? How much of an area needs to be cleaned off? What do I need to clean with? Thank you. Please tell me I can trust this monitor. I need some relief from all the stress.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Sep 7 2018 15:39:07

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    I use those monitors. When placed correctly they have impressed me. I've had to relocate a few when dealing with sleeping arrangements were something other than a bed, still learning the optimum placement on recliners but I've had good results on couches after relocating from my initial installation.
    I've not dealt with clearing away residual chemicals, but I use these monitors along with Cimexa dust and they're still attractive to bed bugs.

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