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PackTite packing questions

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    Mon Jan 10 2011 11:54:58

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    I'm Canadian and am still not able to puchase a unit that meets CSA standards despite advice that same would be available this month. So, I've ordered two units and sent them to a US address and will bring them back to Canada.

    I also plan to but new hard cased lugggae in advace of my trip. The issue is size. What size luggage fits into the unit? Internal dimensions are mentioned on the site but then there is an admonishen not to let the luggage touch the sides of the unit. I'd like to purchase the largest size luggage that is recommended.

    I like the idea of layers of protection. Many have suggested placing the contents of one's suitcase in Ziploc bags in case bbs penetrate the closed suitcase. I had hoped to place the entire suitcase and its contents in the PackTite and not remove things before I do, thus avoiding the risk of spreading any hitchhikers as I remove items in case they were in the suitcase. Do I have to remove the items from the Ziplocs before PackTiting?

    I see the following alternatives:

    1. Don't use Ziplocs and put the whole thing into the PackTite
    2. Remove the Ziplocs when I return home, discard Ziplocs, place contents back in suitcase and then PackTite everything.
    3. Remove the Ziplocs when leaving the hotel and discard and keep contents in the suitcase (but risk exposure of contents in cab, airport, plane) and then PackTite suitcase and contents.
    4. Remove articles from Ziplocs at home and discard Ziplocs and dry the suitcase's contents in the dryer and only PackTite the suitcase.

    What do you suggest?

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