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Packtite monitor stain need identification

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  1. alexb

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 8 2018 8:37:00

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    E43E8A80-15F3-4014-B903-23E01D473520 by flower power, on Flickr

    This monitor sits right in front of a window that I have had open often. I am not sure when this stain appeared as I have not been checking it lately. I have moved my furniture around so I am not sure if it is a scuff. It appears to be a scratch from something? Not sure if it is fecal.

  2. djames1921

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 8 2018 10:21:37

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    Does not look like bed bug fecal spotting to me either. Be careful with your placement in a window, fly droppings can appear similar to bed bug and in a window where flies can often collect opens this possibility up. Bed Bug Blue could be used to verify as well, but your photo does not look like bed bug fecal.

    Disclaimer, I manufacture both the Packtite Passive and Bed Bug Blue.

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