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Packtite Closet Questions

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  1. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Oct 15 2011 16:13:37

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    I've been using it for a couple of weeks:

    1. Is it ok to leave winter jackets in there vs. bag up right away? I don't really see anything crawling in to the closet, but thought I'd ask.
    2. There is some white "linty" stuff on top of the packtite. It's probably lint right?
    3. I haven't played around with it much, but do I unzip something and only put the green part in the dryer..or does both the green and white plastic go into the dryer? I've just been vacuuming it (ok, only twice).
    4. It's getting cool here and the room the other night was in the 60s. I figure I'll need to turn on the heat or move it to another room. I usually run it in a room around 72 and it got into the 80s the other week and it heated up VERY quickly.

    It's really easy to use.


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