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Packtite Closet is Here

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  1. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 24 2011 13:19:25

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    I've been lurking for a while. A relative, who I visit regularly, has some folks on the floor below with BBs and has been obsessing about it for over a year. The relative received a lot of good advice from a PCO on how to avoid getting BBs, signs, etc. and eventually was led to this website.

    I was barely listening to the discussions last year, but I work in an environment frequented by college students and I've been overhearing conversations on the transit ride to and from home about how bad the BBs are where they live. So, I've now begun to's been several months and I'm now at the let's focus on what we can do to mitigate the problem stage.

    So, I'd been saving for a packtite and ended up splurging on the Packtite Closet. Since I'm not handy at ALL, I'm still trying to put it together. I'm having trouble with the poles. It seems like it's too small or too short. However, do not let this deter you..99% of you will put it together in 5-10 minutes and read the instructions on how it works too.

    My questions so far, without using it yet, are:

    1. The poles are shorter than the Packtite Closet, right? Mine leans on the side where the vent is on top. I figure it will stand up correctly once the air blows in. When I have the poles the way I think they should be, with the metal part in the bottom and the black part of the pole at the top (and the 2nd set of connectors in it, it's too tall. In the picture, it looks like the shelf is lower and that you can put items on top of it. Howeve, when I watch the video, it looks like the top shelf is almost at the top of the closet ceiling (with room for air).
    2. It's ok to put plastic hangers in there, right?
    3. I also have some plastic clips (with minihangers) used to try stockings in the shower. I'm going to try one of those in there.
    4. Do you need space to be clear within 6 inches or so of the blower/heater (in the packtite closet). I ask this because I've read the instructions for the original packtite and there needed to be space.
    5. Is it ok to use on carpet? I may also put it on a formica type counter so that it's easier to reach in and out.
    6. Do you still recommend putting a towel over it to keep the heat in?
    7. Can you really put the packtite closet in a washing machine (or is that the original)? It seems very thick. I figure you wipe it down. It looks like the sort of material BBs like (outside, inside is very white and slick and looks easy to wipe down).
    8. For long coats (the main reason I bought shoes), it looks like I should just hang it on one hanger and clip up the coat to a 2nd hanger so there is air flow.
    9. I have some old cell phones and was going to take the battery out and test them someday (when it's out of warranty), but I got a PM from an expert who will do some of these tests in the future. For some reason, I worry doing all this stuff and then carrying the little buggers around in my electronics/toys.

    I'm worried that it might be a little loud with the blower but I'll test it tomorrow. It looks simple enough so I'm frustrated with myself. I better not be eating P&Bs for lunch and maybe even dinner for 6 months and then not be able to put it together!!! Ugh...

    I watched the video with the dresser. I guess you could do a folding chair sideways. I


    = TAOT
  2. djames1921

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 24 2011 16:35:29

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    1. Sounds like the poles are backwards.
    2. Plastic is fine
    3. Fine
    4. Nope you can put stuff right up to the inner air diverted
    5. Either surface is ok.

    6. No, we never want you to do that with either units we sell not a good idea.
    7. Dryer not washer for the original packtite same for the closet, and you will need to remove the heater housing
    8. It will treat fine even if it has to bunch up at the bottom on the bottom rack.

    You can do the chair sideways or you can remove the side poles and top rack and just let the bag inflate around the chair. Hope this helps.

  3. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 24 2011 16:37:39

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    Thanks so much! Know how busy you are. This is one case where I procrastinated and it looks like it will work out fine.

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