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opinion re: next step - apt building

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  1. jimmyjo

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Mon Dec 3 2018 2:46:47

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    Hi fellow loathers of these pests.

    Here's a brief rundown. What would you do?


    * 3BR apt in 50 unit prewar NYC.
    *building history of bedbugs
    *abutting neighbor (1 of 2) has confirmed years-long infestation.
    *biting occurs 1x annually only, has for each of 4 years person (me) has lived at address.
    *bites appear to be of lone adult - 1" swollen red welts. Most recent annual occasion (tonight), resulted in 4 grouped at ankle, 1 on each forearm.
    *Evidence of specimen, beyond confirmed allergic reaction, blood spots and pattern biting..
    *biting occurs only in bedroom next to front door.
    *landlord only offers pesticide.
    *person accepts pesticide, and fries all cloth in room in dryer, 40m on high. HAS DONE SO FOR 3 YEARS, each time stopping incident - UNTIL THE NEXT YEAR.
    *Tired of routine, bites.

    Would you:

    *Move, suing landlord for moving cost and/or damages.
    *Stay, insist landlord provide proper removal via bb pro - heat pref'd.
    *Same, but insist neighbor receives same, though it is a likely impossibility neighbor will comply.
    *Move anyway, fuck this.

    I suspect this question has answered itself, but do you have an opinion? I love the apartment, rent is great, people are great, location, etc. and don't want to move, but sense it's time to go.

    Any thoughts welcomed warmly, hopefully warmly enough to knock these biological wonders out of existence.

    Thanking very much!

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