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One month later, and how can I treat a wooden head board?

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Sep 7 2011 20:54:31

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    Ok I have been doing the DIY way and so far so good just not done yet. Here's my original

    The method I used seemed to work, with the combination of the spray and DE I saw a few dead bedbugs, but I trashed my mattress (properly covering it) which was the source, so most got thrown out. After my DIY treatment I purchased a wagner steamer and a hoover steam vaccum and cleaned everything, so no chemicals and lightly treated with DE as directed. 2 weeks ago I started sleeping in my apt again, but did not move my belongings back, 1 week ago I start getting a few bites, I had DE lightly sprayed as directed this time, so I narrowed the source to the bed head board, which I hoped wasnt infested. So this is my last mission, I cannot afford to trash it. I observed where they can crawl into it and came up with a plan.

    Since its nearly impossible to take apart without ruining it I plan on crazy gluing all the seam where the wood connects, then I plan on drilling holes in the back of the head board (its hollow in the middle and most likely where they are nesting) and puffing DE in all the holes, making sure they all get their dose. After doing that I will seal the holes with wood filler and see what happens.

    What would be other methods I could use?

    I previously took apart the frame, it has wooden slats, puffed DE and screwed the slats back on. I did this with most of the furniture that I could take part.

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