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One day post PCO treatment...should I be seeing dead bugs and other Q's

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Nov 17 2010 0:37:59

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    So let me start by saying I'm not 100% positive I ever had bedbugs in the first place. I got some bites about a month ago, five in a straight line on my leg and one lone one on the other side of my leg. This of course set me into a panic but I checked by mattress and bed frame and cleaned out everything under my bed and found nothing at all- no spots on sheets, fecal matter ( as far as I could tell, but dirt/dust specks look the same?). I didn't get another similar bite until over 3 weeks later, one on my wrist, same symptoms. I called in a PCO for inspection, and she said she found what "could be" skin casts on my bed frame. In a panic I scheduled an appointment for a treatment as soon as possible. I slept on the couch for five days, no bites whatsoever. While sorting and bagging to prepare for the treatment I found quite a few things that looks to be carpet beetles carcasses, but no bugs, casts, eggs or anything bed bug related as far as I could tell! Still I tore my place apart, bagged everything, and the treatment took place yesterday. She told me the chemicals stay in the air for 45 days, and she'll come again in 21 days for a follow up. If this is the case why did I have to rip my place apart if the pesticides will be in the air? I have about a million things that can't go in the dryer that I don't know what to do with, they are still in trash bags- suitcases, toiletries, leather ottomans, baskets, and a bunch of random crap. What do I do with this stuff- can I just put it back where it was and trust that the chemicals will do their job? How do I know if I ever had bed bugs in the first place? I've been reading other posts about carpet beetles, I think we definitely had those, and definitely had drugstore beetles (tons in my room, but they don't bite.) I can't explain the bites but would bedbugs really only feed once every three weeks? I'm just wondering how thorough I have to be in putting everything back- do I have to spray every deodorant and conditioner bottle with alcohol?! I've already decided to keep all my clothes in bags until after the second treatment. I have to travel next week which means I need my suitcase out of it's trash bag encasement. But what if that's how I got bugs in the first place and they are still there?! Sorry for all the Q's, I'm sure others have had one or more of these questions before! At this rate it will take me weeks to unpack all these trash bags and I feel like I'm living in an episode of Hoarders... Please help!! Especially regarding not seeing dead bugs. Does that mean I never had them?

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