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On Shower Curtain?

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  1. buggednurse

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    Sun Jul 1 2012 16:13:51

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    I posted before about the possibility of bringing bbs home from work. I work as a nurse 8 hrs a day in a heavily infested home, that has been treated 3 weeks ago, but now the family is seeing them and getting bitten again (it's a duplex the other unit not treated). The family had bb long before I was aware of it, so I wasn't thinking about bringing them home--in fact I hardly thought of them up until recently. I change my clothes there, spray my shoes with alcohol, and bag up my dirty clothes to wash/dry on hot when I get home. However I have to walk out of their house from the upstairs bathroom, in my clean clothes. I keep everything else in my car (lunch-purse) etc.

    The day the home was treated. I went to the laundromat with them. Not thinking, I transferred paper money from my dirty uniform pocket to my clean jeans pocket. That night when showering at home I laid the money on my vanity and a few minutes later I found and killed two blood filled bbs on the vanity. I knocked them in the sink of hot water..and blood streaks ran down into the water as they died. I haven't had any bites--and I have severe allergies so I would expect to react.

    Up until last night I didn't think I had more (had been inspecting). Now I am getting really worried... I sleep in the LR recliner due to allergies in the upstairs bedroom--husband sleeps with window open. I haven't taken any personal items such as clothes, linens etc upstairs for weeks. I am living out of plastic bags in my dining room.

    Well I've had a couple of days off, and last night when showering--mind you, I didn't have my glasses on. I saw one dark blackish brown circular bug like spot on the inside of the plastic shower curtain liner. Not completely flat, slightly raised. It was about the size of this cap letter "O" It wasn't moving, and I barely touched it with my finger --and slid it and it smeared a dark brown reddish streak. I didn't save any of it--as most of it just sort of fell apart. I wiped it with a tissue and threw it away. Then I got out of the shower and took apart the entire bathroom..cleaned laundered, sprayed alcohol, wiped with hot soapy water. took apart picture frames and washed all the curtains, linens..inspected each and every surface and corner. Even the exhaust fan!

    I don't have any bites..but I am neurotic and I think losing my mind.
    Do they smear that easy--even at a small size? can they be rounder and not oval when filled with blood? HELP.. I can't stand my job anymore and am feeling like something is crawling on me and or biting me all the time.

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