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  1. DeterminedInOhio

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Oct 26 2016 10:14:17

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    I discovered I had them in late August and it has taken until now, late October to succeed - but I did it! I'm pretty sure I was infected by a piece of furniture a friend gave me. On my introductory thread, I mentioned that I was living in an ideal environment for them to survive. I moved into an old Victorian house that I am restoring, so there are so many places for them to hide. Several areas of the house are still basically a construction site at this point - so lots of holes in old plaster, peeling wallpaper, piles of tools and supplies, etc. I admit I felt total despair when I discovered I had them. How could I possibly exterminate them from the entire house by myself?!? Well the renovation budget did not have a contingency for an exterminator, so I had to figure it out!

    This is how I won:

    My treatment path was not perfect and I would do a few things differently (and I have noted my errors for your benefit) but I was ultimately successful. Once I discovered that I had bed bugs, I got online and started reading. Lots of sites were singing the praises of DE, so I immediately bought some from Lowe's and applied as directed. It had some success but wasn't the miracle cure it is touted to be. Around this time I also bought Allerease encasements from Walmart. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BRAND! They ended up ripping and reinfecting my room with bugs just when I had gotten them under control! I bought a second set from Target but I think they were the same manufacturer as the Allerease but just rebranded so I am nervous about them tearing as well. At this time I also used contractor bags to bag up every nonessential thing in the room and tape them closed.

    - I bought a case of Bedlam Plus and ended up doing 3 treatments of it. The case on Amazon is cheaper than buying it by the can (about $150). I needed about 3 cans to thoroughly treat my bedroom. At first I treated every 2 weeks then I stepped it up to every week because I was still finding them! During this period I bagged up every piece of clothing in my bedroom (the bugs were apparently only in this room because I caught them early! Thank god!) and washed and dried everything. Every time I found a bug, I stripped the bed and washed the bedding, vacuumed, and sprayed (this is when I switched to a weekly spraying).

    - I quickly ran out of Bedlam Plus and I was still seeing a single bug here and there, so I ordered Temprid and Cimexa. I was super pissed at this point that I was still seeing bugs after I had worked so damned hard, so I decided to bite the bullet and strip all the paneling and wall paper in the bedroom so I could be sure every nook and cranny was getting hit with insecticide. The Temprid concentrate is sooooooo much more economical than Bedlam cans, being $60 for a concentrate bottle where the Bedlam was about $150 and it was only 3 treatments. I think I will get more treatments out of the Temprid bottle for almost half the cost. After the Temprid dried I laid down the Cimexa. After the Temprid treatment, I have not seen any more!

    So it took what seemed like forever to get rid of them and it felt like a full time job but I now feel confident they are gone. I am going to continue with a couple more Temprid treatments though, just to be 100% sure.

    Total Cost:
    DE- $10
    Walmart Encasements- $44
    Bedlam - $150
    Target Encasements - $60
    Temprid - $65
    Cimexa - $13
    Hike in electric bill due to the dryer constantly running! - $30
    Vacuum bags - $20
    Contractor bags - $20

    $412 - Not terrible, especially considering my friend spent $2000 with an exterminator and about the same length of time!

    So this is my advice and what I would do if I am ever reinvested.

    - Start a log of everything you see or do. it is super easy to forget when you last saw a nymph or adult or when you sprayed. This helps your morale too, and you can see you are making progress if you go back and read the log. You can see your sightings are decreasing.
    - Buy better encasements. I've since heard "Protect a Bed" brand is good. And actually, I wouldn't call you crazy if you bought a set of the cheap ones from Walmart and then put the better ones on top of the cheap ones to double bag it.
    - Securely bag/tape off all your belongings in the room in contractor bags.
    - Wash and dry all clothing and fabric in the room, including inside drawers etc. It's an absolute nightmare and you will feel like Cinderella, but it has to be done.
    - Forego the DE for Cimexa (get the 5 lb pail). The DE gets really muddy if you later need to wash the floors, plus it is apparently much less effective than Cimexa.
    - Buy the Temprid concentrate and use with a garden sprayer. You must be crazy thorough and try to imagine all he spaces the tiny bugs could squeeze into. Be sure to spray furniture (especially under drawers).
    - Spray weekly. This seemed to be optimal for my infestation and caught the bugs before they could breed again.

    It's awful and exhausting beyond words, but you can succeed too! Good luck!!!
    And thanks to this site admin/owner for providing a space for accurate info! I wouldn't have been successful without this site.

  2. frightened

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Oct 26 2016 10:33:00

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    I am no expert but great post with detail. Glad you cracked it. It is exhausting dealing with bedbugs. Only thing you could have added is wear a mask when spraying these insecticides around. Hope you are celebrating.

  3. Freaked Fighter

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Nov 29 2017 10:16:35

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    Congratulations! You did a phenomenal job! Most infestations seem to take 6 mos a year when you DIY. All your hard work is obvious and paid off in less bites. Good job!

    NOT AN EXPERT but a survivor, twice. Read all the green stickies above, learn everything you can, and listen to the expert advice and your nightmare will end. You too can survive this!
  4. thirdusername

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Nov 29 2017 19:42:44

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    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.

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