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Officially One Year, Four Months

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  1. Alldara

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Aug 24 2013 22:16:11

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    One year ago today we thought we were rid of the bastards. Then we were reinfested by a cat we were catsitting who decided to open a bunch of triple bagged and sealed bags that we were unsure if they were still infested, and had planned on leaving bagged until we could unload them at the laundry mat straight into industrial sized washers.
    Knock on wood its been awhile since the last sighting and bites have been reduced. My last bites were from a night where I found a large colony, which I then disposed of. Au Revior you tiny bastards. They were living in a pile of unused file folders. Seriously...a giant colony. Then I spent the evening blow-drying my books and packing them into double zip-lock bags with a touch of DE in each bag. Any book that it looked like something moved in or something fell out I placed a strip of plastic wrap on the floor, dusted DE onto it and wrapped the book in it, then placed the book into a bag labeled INFESTED, put more DE into the bag and sealed THAT shut too. Then all the bags are placed into a plastic bin which is then taped shut, bagged and taped sealed. I've got two bins and if I'm lucky that maybe a quarter of our books. Some of the books were already living in vacuum sealed bags, but I'm going to repack them into the other bags that are a bit more sturdy.
    At least I think we're finally winning the battle.

  2. bbcomox

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Aug 25 2013 0:17:19

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    Thanks for sharing your story. Your story is much appreciated as it is letting me know that there is light at the end of the tunnel in fighting bedbugs.

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