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Odd bites, no signs of bugs

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    Wed Feb 27 2019 3:28:12

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    I have been freaking out to the point I'm having dreams of chasing down giant bed bugs. The issue started when I got a random bite directly above my elbow, as I've had these bugs before I knew exactly what it was and at first the bite looked eerily similar to one of a bed bug's. By mid day it had swelled to insane sizes, so much so that it hurt more than itched. I didn't swell this bad when I had previously had them, and the bites were mostly on the feet and fingers. Well after the giant bite on my upper arm stopped swelling, the debate of spiders came up. Unlike a spider bite it was a singular dot, bright red at first but then it turned white with red around it, resembling something like a wasp sting, yet it's winter. Exactly one month later I get three identical bites, red at first and then swell to the point of near hospital. Now I know spiders don't bite more than once, and all but one of the bites had two dots side by side. These new bites appeared with two on the right forearm a good distance from each other and one on my left elbow. After the bites came back I had went all out on my room. I have thrown out the bed in fear they were hiding inside of it, got rid of all carpets leaving a tiled floor below, removed all shelving and any extra furniture. I now have a card table with a computer on it, and a cot left in my room. I hang my blankets up daily on a hook on the wall along with my pillow, and I throw them in the dryer for an hour nightly. Mind you I had been doing this after the first bite, but the second set made me do it more so. In the end I found many spiders and still do, stink bugs are also those annoying bugs in almost every home at this point. Outside of my room I check the couch every Wednesday as sometimes I sleep on that, all I have found is garenteed carpet beetle husks, small white pill looking things with black lines. No signs of bed bugs in the couch, no traps have came up with anything. Hopefully discussing it here will help me find peace, but until I burn the house down anything that comes up on my skin will always give me anxiety.

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