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Nymph questions

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  1. feastedupon

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jan 7 2011 17:32:03

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    Hello, I have a couple of questions about what I assume are nymphs. I'd found 2 adult bugs prior to the PCO visit (Dec 29), and one was determined to be female.

    I haven't had any follow-up sightings of adults in my climb-ups, but assuming the female was laying eggs in the vicinity, I think the eggs have been hatching. My bed was isolated/covered before the PCO visit (simple metal frame), and they're pretty sure the adults found their way in as a result of the renovation upstairs.

    I received a couple of single bites the following week, and have found and taped some specimens of what I think are 1st instar nymphs. My hope is that any egg activity was confined to the bed area, and that I'm now dealing with a (hopefully) contained area of nymphs.

    1. What is the most effective way to ensure the nymphs are eradicated?
    2. If they're indeed confined to the bed area, do you schedule a follow-up PCO visit?
    3. Are nymph bites more likely to be single (I did read
    4. If using 2 parts alcohol to 1 part water, should I keep spraying this in the metal frame?
    5. Should I also spray any parts of the (covered) mattress or box spring?
    6. Are there other actions I can take?


  2. Richard_Naylor

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Jan 11 2011 12:27:30

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    I would start by getting some passive monitors. Place them under the edge of the mattress. Bedbugs really like them and should move in if there are any around. I don't recomend spraying anything around your bed. It often has the effect of dispersing the bugs. You are better off letting them aggregate close to the bed (ideally in a monitor), rather than potentially creating a more diffuse and difficult to treat problem.

    After installing the monitors, don't do anything for about a week and then open them up and see if you find anything. Hopefully you have nipped the problem in the bud.

    Regarding bites, I regularly feed bedbug cultures on myself and I get exactly the same reaction regardly of size.

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