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    Thu Nov 10 2011 8:58:05

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    I just did a quick comparison to an older version I had and have not noticed any big changes other than in Appendix A (that discussion is for the Official K9 bed bug industry thread).

    From this PCT link is a summary:

    "Changes were made to the Heat Treatment section of the BMPs in light of multiple heat-related incidents reported in the media over the past few months. To minimize the likelihood of accidents, the BMPs now recommend that only equipment specifically designed and tested for insect control be used for whole-room bed bug heat treatments. In addition, pest management professionals should research and understand the applicable fire codes with regard to portable heaters, fire suppression systems, and other heat treatment related concerns and inspect heat generating equipment prior to use to ensure that no foreseeable fire hazards exist. Finally, ambient air temperatures in the heated areas should be monitored to avoid potential damage to heat-sensitive items."

    Worth mentioning is a general re-shuffling of the numbering system which moved some minor sub-points to a higher level in the numeric system - giving greater emphasis/weight to those points. E.g. in the Cient cooperation & Treatment Process (pg 6) and in other areas.

    And the Introduction & Purpose was expanded, specifically identifying "multiple products, methods and technologies may be employed ...". Glad to see that added.

    Appendix B listed another reference. Here is the link to the document: NPMA BMP

    Did I miss anything? Any ramifications I missed? Ken.

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