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Now we're getting bites?!?!

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Jan 6 2016 19:03:20

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    PCO told us to go ahead and get new couch and stop living out of bags, he found nothing in his inspection, but I still wake up in the night terrified we're not taking this seriously enough and afraid I'll find one on me...

    (I'm getting counselling soon...)

    But now I have an itchy spot on my shoulder, no sign of a bump or welt, and my wife has a rash on her stomach (which could be hives from anything she's brushed against at work, she works in a pharmacy...)

    I check around the corners and edges of the mattress and box spring every morning, they're both encased so I can clearly see fecal against the white, and there hasn't been any... No sign of ANYTHING except one bug over two weeks ago now that started all this.

    I'm sure in my heart that it's just dry skin and allergies and stress but does this fear ever go away?! We're getting another treatment next Monday, I may offer to pay him more to spray the bed area again...

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