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Now I know ( hopefully a success story that sticks)

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    Wed Sep 4 2019 13:24:05

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    Caution- a long story but may be helpful and encouraging to some.

     We moved from Southern Indiana to Wisconsin January 1st of this year. We got into town late and stayed at a hotel. I was by myself with three kids who were tired and car sick so I did a quick check of beds. It seemed clear...
    Moved our lives from a huge moving truck to a three story Victorian rental for a month until our permanent place came available.
    I noticed bites/rash on my baby's face a week or so later around 1/10
    He always sleeps with long sleeves and wears a sleep sack to bed so bites were on exposed areas.
    A few days later I find a few bites/rash on both of his little hands. I check our bed thinking bed bugs. I find nothing.
    Another few days go by and I find a row of hard red bumps on my forearm. Not really itchy but in a weird line of about 4 bites. Of course it would just how I had my arm positioned on the bed is how that came to be. They always bite in rows. I look again in our bed. Nothing.
    I wake up a few nights later in the middle of the night with my feet itching like mad. I look with my phone and find nothing but my ankle is bleeding from a spot where I had been scratching at in my sleep. I tell myself I did it scratching so much. I know deep down that's not right and continue to look for bugs but can't seem to find anything.

    1/27 we move into our single family home. That night while carrying stuff upstairs I feel intense itching and pain on my upper arm near my shoulder. I take off my jacket and look in the mirror and see huge hives. The next morning I drive over to our rental house because our belongings are still there. I decided to check our bed one more time. I checked the box spring again and this time I hit the jackpot. I saw a nice and plump immature bed bug in the top corner and inside the plastic corner protectors of the box spring. I start to hyperventilate. I do a bit more investigating and see a few cast skins in the other plastic corners. I am sure they were there all along I was just not looking well enough. I had no idea what I was doing.
    I knew all along it was bed bugs. It just added up with the moving truck,hotel and rental. All things that happened that was out of the ordinary for us and the timeline fit.
    Pest control came and did an inspection and confirmed our case and guessed we have had them for a month. This I knew. They couldn't treat until a week later but agreed to treat both the rental house and our new home for $1200. I wish I could remember what they used but they walked me through every option and answered my million questions. Very nice married couple who did so much to calm my fears. Told me it was all fixable. I kill myself doing all the prep work in the meantime.
    They sprayed, dusted and encased all mattresses and box springs. They found no evidence of anything in any of my kids rooms, just our room in our bed. So far. They assured me bed frame was salvageable. They treated it.I hated to get rid of it. It is a solid cherry sleigh style bed. We did properly dispose of mattress and boxspring.
    3 weeks go by and no signs. I am driving myself crazy looking through every knook and cranny in every bed and room multiple times a day for weeks. I am losing weight because of the stress.

    2/16 We move our entire house from rental to permanent home finally. Kids had been sleeping on air beds.

    3/6 My daughter complains of itchy bumps. On her they are very tiny bumps. On me there were huge welts . It all depends on a location on the body and the person on how the bikes will look and feel. I check her bed. I find on fully fed bed bug under box spring between the box and wooden slate at the bottom end of her bed along with a few fecal spots  and a beige color spot that was the Uric deposit bled into the mattress encasement. I found a few holes in the encasement. I figure that's where it came from. I call Pest Control back and they come and treat the girls rooms again. Re in case with a new box spring encasement. I continued my thorough searches several times a day and I'm getting quite good at noticing fine detail.

    3/19 I noticed some welts on my babies hands and arm. He sleeps in a playpen since we didn't have his baby bed set up yet. They playpen was set up in our room downstairs. I decide to investigate his playpen. And found black Inky looking spots that had bled into the cotton batting inside the playpen and looking further I found several cast skins.

    I freaked out,take scissors and cut open every inch of that playpen looking for the jerks. I find an adult hiding in a corner. Of course his playpen was not treated. Pest control refuse to do that of course I didn't want it either. Whether it was there the entire time or found its way there during all this after the first spray who knows. I threw out the playpen and thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned my entire bedroom and checking my bed. Took me hours but hey,you never found a cleaner house in 10mile radius than my home during all this time. I decided against calling back the PCO they've already sprayed twice. I already knew what to do thanks to finding this website halfway through my ordeal. So I just took a deep cleaning and monitoring.
    Visual monitoring only at this time. I didn't know yet about Pack tight passive monitors.
    In the meantime we moved the original infested bed frame and to the house. It has been treated and cleaned several times by me and of course inspected over and over again.

    4/8 found a dead bed bug and the guest bedroom where the original bed frame was moved to. I panic and look over the entire bed again and found bed bug fecal on the braces. I get on this website and people assure me that finding a dead bed bug is a good thing. Kind of like finding Christmas needles. And the bed bug fecal I come to find out later was from the original infestation but my anxious mine just made it so much more worse. I'm guessing that I just dislodged some dead bed bug in the cracks of the bed frame while moving it. So I guess it doesn't really count.
    So going by this I hadn't seen a live bed bug, cast skin, or new fecal since March in my baby's playpen. Fast forward two months.

    I have had David Caine's passive monitors installed on all 5 beds and on all chairs and couches for almost 2 weeks. No bites or any signs of anything for two months. I had been looking every day.

    5/14 oh the humanity! 8 weeks to the day I was doing my routine weekly inspection of the beds and deep cleaning around the beds. And my daughter's room I find a later stage nymph just hanging out on the baseboard during the day. It was bright and sunny in that room too. Of course I panicked. Only just a little bit. Came on here and pleaded my case and David Cain said it look like it had not fed in a while and it was most likely a recent introduction. I followed the treatment by passive monitor replacement protocol he recommended followed by a deep clean and I replaced used monitor with a new one. I did not call my pest control company back. I decided to wait and see and monitor like I had been doing for the past 2 months.
    She had no bites nothing so I was hopeful it was just this one. I informed her school. I didn't want to. She goes to a private College Prep Academy in the lower quarters of a small University. Really and truly we could have picked it up anywhere. But I wanted the school to know and be on the lookout.

    That was four months ago yesterday. 4 months of zero sightings of any bugs, cast skins, eggs, or fecal matter. 4 months of clean passive monitors. 4 months of intense visual inspections. First weekly and then bi-weekly. We continue with no bites or signs of any kind.
    Hindsight is 20/20. If I would have found this forum at the very beginning I believe I would have done things a lot differently but I just didn't know. I probably could have saved $1,200 but I just didn't know. If I known how to look correctly I could have caught them a lot earlier on than a month but I just didn't know. I probably could have saved a lot of Heartache and a lot of hours wasted searching for these bugs if I had the passive monitors at the beginning but I just didn't know. I have sense educated myself from this forum from links on this forum that take me to other educational websites that are the correct information! I now know how to correctly inspect everything. I now know what to do in case of an introduction or a possible exposure. I now know a how to identify fecal matter on different surfaces. And I now know how to identify what is and what isn't bed bug related. All thanks to people who are in the same boat as I am or was, the experts who donate their time and brain cells dealing with people like me on a daily basis and all the wealth of information on here.I now know how to control my anxiety a lot better. I now know they are just bugs. We are higher on the food chain and they can't control me. They controlled my every waking thought and was ruining everything. I now know what to do if there is another introduction. I have passive monitors installed ahead of time for early detection. Along with being vigilant, regular inspections and monitoring I now know what to do.

    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx
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    Thank you for sharing !!!!Happy for You👍

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