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Not getting the answers I want from my landlord.

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  1. Bitten in CT

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Oct 3 2012 17:37:49

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    Hi everyone,
    I live in CT, we recently have been getting bitten and finding BB. My land lord gave me some DE and told me to spread it all around the perimeter of every room which makes me nervous because of all stuff I read about using DE. I have 3 dogs and an almost 3 year old in the house. He refuses to call a PCO, he says they just want him to spend all kinds of money, and that its a waste. I am moving soon and don't want to take these BB with us. We have been washing everything on HOT and then drying on hi then putting everything in plastic bags then in totes, we got rid of all the area rugs, got rid of one bed, my sons bed, and encased the only bed left in the house. My sister lives with me and is now on an air mattress. We are all getting bites, we wake up in the middle of the night and find BB crawling on the ceiling and walls and kill the suckers. The neighbors upstairs said they have them(BB) and they "come and go" they have set off bombs and they come back. The landlord says I am the only one complaining, but I know one tenant told me she moved out because he wouldn't do anything about the BB. I called the health department and they said they would send out a inspector but not sure when and they asked for the landlords phone number. I have thrown away some much stuff and don't plan on taking anything but clothes and small stuff when we move, but I can't sleep. I am freaking out when I have to leave the house that I am going to spread the BB into my car, or that someone will see them crawling on me. It is really making me crazy!!

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