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No sign of bugs for 4 months after moving. Then last night we found one.

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  1. pahoababe

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 1 2018 12:52:11

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    Hello everyone! I’m so sorry that we’re all dealing with these little bastards but I’m so relieved to have found this community! My husband and I realized that we had bed bugs at the end of December 2017. At the time we were in the middle of packing to move back to our home state of Hawai’i. I believe the infestation came from the apartment below us, as there was an obvious place where they were coming up the wall from the floorboards. We immediately threw out our mattress, vacuumed sprayed and bombed our apartment multiple times, and spent probably a few hundred dollars putting our clothes and linens through the dryer daily up until the day that we moved. We even rotated all 500 of our books through the oven to kill any possible bugs that were hiding in them. By the time we moved out at the end of January 2018, we hadn’t seen any bugs for 2 weeks.

    Fast forward to last night (May 1, 2018). We found a solitary adult bed bug in our bed and naturally I panicked. Up until this point I’ve been laundering our sheets twice a week and vacuuming religiously under our bed and around the headboard. I’ve never seen any bugs or evidence of them until now. We got out of bed and tore everything apart, lifted the mattresses up and looked inside the box spring and bed frame—nothing. I looked in our dog’s kennel and took apart our bedside tables—nothing.

    While I think it is more likely that this is a bug that we brought with us, I think it’s worth mentioning that last night a friend of our landlord/roommate stayed in the spare room because her apartment is being treated for “cockroaches.” However, this morning when I left for work I noticed that she had put her pillows in the outside trash. This immediately made me suspicious and I started to wonder if it’s really roaches that her apartment is being treated for. On the other hand, how likely is it that a bed bug would make its way down the hall and into our bed on the very first night that she stayed with us??

    Ugh. I can’t believe I’m dealing with this shit again.....

  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 1 2018 21:26:44

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    I suspect the friend brought it... but I guess it's possible that it was one lone bug that you brought with you. It's been 4 months, if you brought bugs capable of mating you'd be seeing a lot of signs by now. My best guess is that it isn't cockroaches they're treating for and the friend brought you a gift hopefully just the one. For now I'd just keep your eyes open for signs. Even a PCO is unlikely to find anything if this person brought a couple friends only a day ago.

  3. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 2 2018 7:43:14

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    Stop giving shit advice based on speculation, you're not helping.

    Please post an image of the insect that you found, it may be something other than a bed bug.

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