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No Choice but to move but I need advice?

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  1. TDior

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Sep 12 2012 21:07:41

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    I know a lot of people say don't move during a bed bug infestation but sadly at this point I have no choice as I am starting school and have to move to school..

    I am really nervous I will take a travel bugger with me and I just can't afford MENTALLY to go through this whole nasty thing again! So here is my dilemna:

    So far ever since the last extermination my landlord did at my current place I have kept MOST of my things in garbage plastic bags sealed up in the livingroom and kept things I just need in one spot...Now I am leaving pretty much 90% of my stuff.. Clothes, shoes etc.. The ones I can't part with were washed immediately in hot water, dried twice in my dryer and then immediately bagged in a garbage bag and sealed and then another garbage bag was put over that bag and sealed again.

    My concern is my macbook...I can't part with this as it was so expensive and took me forever to use plus as a student I NEED my computer...My laptop has always been in the livingroom where as I sleep in my bedroom but when I'm not sleeping I am in the living room a lot and have not seen any on my macbook- BUT IM SO PARANOID! I've tried to inspect as much as i could with a flashlight but I just don't know. I remember reading that they don't like plastic at all and would prefer not to hide in there.. So I'm hoping that is true?

    Anyways, what do you guys think?

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