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No bugs in traps but possible bites??

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  1. BugIND

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Mon Aug 16 2010 19:58:30

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    This is driving me nuts. We have had a CO2 monitor our for two nights and some homemade climb-ups for three nights. There are no bugs in any of them, yet today I have two bites on my leg which may be bites. (I say "may be" because last night there was a mosquito inside my car that I could not get to fly out the window. I saw it bite my arm. Maybe it bit my leg?)
    What the hell? I have encased my bed and my livingroom futon. Caulk has been spread in the futon nooks and crannies as it is the tubular metal type. There has been DE all over the apartment for over a week. How are these bugs getting me??

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