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No bites in almost 1 month & no signs

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  1. buggingout321

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Wed Aug 8 2018 19:35:04

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    To preface, I've had bed bugs before and am always conscious of them/picking them up. In early July to mid-July I found a few bug bites on the top of my foot and ankles which itched and looked just like the bed bug bites I've had before. Some were single bites some were clustered in 2-3. I haven't experienced any bites since, that I can identify anyways. I've also searched for the bugs but can't find any. I haven't seen any fecal stains on my mattress encasement or molts/eggs.

    Would it be safe to say I'm in the clear?? I figured by now I would have gotten bitten and would have reacted by now. Especially with the warm weather we're having. I have seen some black beetles but I don't think bite. Comments please!

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