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Nine bites in two rows overnight

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  1. wurmobernd

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Tue Mar 13 2018 11:06:10

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    Hi there once again...

    after three months of calm, I'm worried again... This morning, I woke up to find two itching rows of bites, one on the side of my left knee (four bites, three in a straight row and one to the side of the last), the other on my lower right leg (five bites, a straight line around the leg).

    I had (and may still have) those small wingless wasps that were behind my earlier unknown bites. But these feel different, and I never had so many and in such orderly rows.

    There's really no way I can imagine it's bed bugs, although this is always my worst fear - I could only have caught them in a train or a bus recently. And I guess it's even more unlikely that I'd go from zero to nine bites in one night. I didn't find any signs of bed bugs near my bed either.

    Could it be flea bites (no pets, though, and little contact with any animals)? Early mosquitos (doesn't feel / look like the mosquito bites I usually have, though)?

    I know pictures of bites don't help much, but I'm adding one just in case. I'm starting to panic once again...

  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Tue Mar 13 2018 17:26:06

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    I had bed bugs twice and many bites but never any kind of linear pattern.

  3. Mf1616

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Tue Mar 13 2018 18:55:17

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    Buy a packtite passive monitor or make your own using paper/paper towel.

    For the record, I am NOT an expert.
    My advice/opinion comes from past experience(s) with bed bugs and what I have read on-line.

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